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Material point

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A material point is a physical model of an object, in which its dimensions and mass can be neglected for the purposes of a given problem. However, the object retains other physical characteristics, such as velocity, acceleration, momentum, and energy.

In physics, especially in mechanics, the model of a material point is an essential tool for describing the motion of bodies and their interactions.

Material point

For example, when considering the motion of a train between stations, one can simplify the problem by treating the train as a material point, disregarding its size and shape. This allows focusing on analyzing the motion of the point itself, rather than the entire train, which is crucial for solving many physics problems.

Limitations of Application

The application of the material point model is also limited. For instance, when considering the motion of a train between stations, the train can be treated as a material point. However, when the train stops at a station, the model no longer works because passengers need to know the numbers of the train’s carriages, which means considering the size of the train.