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2N3417 datasheet

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2N3417 datasheet

Type: NPN

Package: TO-92

2N3417 pinout

2N3417 datasheet

Download PDF: 2N3417 pdf datasheet

Replacement and Equivalent 2N3417

2SC3916, 2SC3917, 2SC3918, 2SC3919, 2SC3920, 2SC3921, 2SC3922, 2SC3923, 2SD1207, 2SD1347, 2SD1616, 2SD1835, 2SD438, 2SD789, KSD1616, KTC1006, NTE192A.

Characteristics 2N3417

Collector−Emitter VoltageVCEO50V
Collector−Base VoltageVCBO50V
Emitter−Base VoltageVEBO5V
Continuous Collector CurrentIC500mA
Collector DissipationPD625mW
DC Current Gainhfe180-540
Operating and Storage Junction Temperature RangeTJ, Tstg-55 to +150 °°C