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2N3702 datasheet

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2N3702 datasheet

Type: PNP

Package: TO-92

2N3702 datasheet pinout

Download PDF: 2N3702 PDF datasheet

Replacement and Equivalent

2N4954, 2SA1522, 2SA1523, 2SA1524, 2SA1525, 2SA1526, 2SA1527, 2SA1528, 2SA1529, 2SA984, 2SA993, 2SB598, 2SB764, KTB764, MPS3638 or PN3638.

Characteristics 2N3702

Collector−Emitter VoltageVCEO25V
Collector−Base VoltageVCBO40V
Emitter−Base VoltageVEBO5V
Collector CurrentIC500mA
Collector DissipationPD625mW
DC Current Gainhfe60 – 300
Operating and Storage Junction Temperature RangeTJ, Tstg -55 to +150°C