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2N5550 datasheet

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2N5550 datasheet

Type: NPN

Package: TO-92

Download PDF: datasheet PDF 2N5550

2N5550 pinout

2N5550 datasheet

Complementary PNP transistor


Replacement and Equivalent

2N5833, 2SC1009, KSC1009.

Сharacteristics 2N5550

Collector-Emitter VoltageVCEO140V
Collector-Base VoltageVCBO160V
Emitter-Base VoltageVEBO6.0V
Continuous Collector CurrentIC600mA
Power DissipationPD625mW
Direct current coefficienthfe60-250
Transient frequencyfTmin: 100MHz
Operating and Storage Junction TemperatureTJ, Tstgвід -65 до +150°C