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2N3416 datasheet

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2N3416 datasheet

Type: NPN

Package: TO−92

Pinout 2N3416

Download PDF: 2N3416 PDFdatasheet

Replacement and Equivalent 2N3416

2SC2274, 2SC2274K, 2SC2277, 2SC2655, 2SC3243, 2SC3244, 2SC3328, 2SC3916, 2SC3917, 2SC3918, 2SC3919, 2SC3920, 2SC3921, 2SC3922, 2SC3923, 2SD438, 2SD667, 2SD863, KSC1008C, KSC2331, KTC3209, KTD863.

Characteristics 2N3416

Collector−Emitter VoltageVCEO50V
Collector−Base VoltageVCBO50V
Emitter−Base VoltageVEBO5V
Continuous Collector CurrentIC500mA
Collector DissipationPD625mW
DC Current Gainhfe75 – 225
Operating and Storage Junction Temperature RangeTJ, Tstg -55 to +150°C