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1N5402 datasheet

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1N5402 datasheet

For use in general purpose rectification of power supplies, inverters, converters and freewheeling diodes application.

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datasheet 1N5402 pdf


 Maximum repetitive peak reverse voltageVRRM200V
Maximum RMS voltageVRMS140V
Maximum DC blocking voltageVDC200V
Maximum instantaneous
forward voltage 3.0 A
Maximum average forward
rectified current 0.5″ (12.5 mm)
lead length at T L = 105 °C
Peak forward surge current
8.3 ms single half sine-wave
superimposed on rated load
Maximum DC reverse current
at rated DC blocking voltage
TA = 25 °C
TA = 150 °C
Maximum full load reverse
current, full cycle average
0.5″ (12.5 mm) lead length
at TL = 105 °C
Operating junction and
storage temperature range
TJ , TSTG-50 to +150°C
Typical junction capacitance. (4.0 V, 1 MHz)CJ30pF

PACKAGE OUTLINE DIMENSIONS in inches (millimeters)

Case: DO-201AD, molded epoxy body
Molding compound meets UL 94 V-0 flammability rating
Base P/N-E3 – RoHS-compliant, commercial grade
Terminals: Matte tin plated leads, solderable per
J-STD-002 and JESD 22-B102
E3 suffix meets JESD 201 class 1A whisker test
Polarity: Color band denotes cathode end

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